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Domaine Serge Laporte, Sancerre Blanc 2019

GRAPES: Sauvignon Blanc

TASTING NOTES: A Sauvignon Blanc so perfect for fall: Crisp gala apples,
cinnamon spice, everything nice (and a long, mineral finish). The perfect wine for winding into fall, this Sancerre Blanc boasts heavenly notes of ripe pears and spiced apples. Losing yourself in its crisp aromas, it’s easy to imagine plaid flannel blankets, leaves exploding into a beautiful kaleidoscope of color, and fresh pumpkins decorating the porch. In the glass, this Sauvignon Blanc is refreshingly crisp, loaded with fragrant garden herbs, gala apples, a dash of cinnamon, and gooey honey.

A mouthful of flavor, followed by a striking mineral finish that leaves you wanting more. Pair this wine with a cozy day of reading or goat cheese on top of freshly harvested apples. This wine will easily take you from the end of summer towards the holidays --
you could even hold onto this bottle to pair with Thanksgiving dinner. Its flavors will nicely compliment most traditional Thanksgiving fare.

About the Producer

A seventh-generation farming family, Domaine Serge Laporte prides themselves on making terroir-driven wines that are produced with an eco-environmental approach. Taking care of the land for generations to come is part of their DNA. Domaine Serge Laporte boasts vineyards of a distinctive high caliber -- the vines are located on beautifully exposed hillside properties, with punishly steep slopes referred to as “Les Mont Damnés” (“the damned mountains”) that ultimately create the perfect situation for developing intense flavors, rich, full wines, and complexity. (Although, they make vineyard management a bit more difficult!)

Today, Guillaume Laporte runs the helm as winemaker. Grapes are hand-harvested, then vinified parcel by parcel so that each area’s unique flavors and aromas become accentuated in the wine. Vines on their property are grown in two distinct soil types:  caillotes, a pebbly chalk and limestone mix with little soil that’s optimal for the varietals, producing dry, fresh, and fruit-forward wine with finesse. Alternatively, some parcels are in argile-calcaire, which is a mixture of limestone, clay, and siliceous sandy soil that grows structured wines with pronounced minerality and agability. Together, this is one of the best combinations you can have in a Sancerre wine. 

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