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Domaine Paul Kubler, Alsace, Pinot Gris K 2015

REGION: Alsace
GRAPES: Pinot Blanc

TASTING NOTES: Philippe describes his Pinot Gris as suited to be enjoyed both as an aperitif and with a meal. Domaine Paul Kubler, Alsace, Pinot Gris K nose is smoky and alluring. Imagine peaches and apricot with a pleasing weight matched by the refreshing acidity that cuts through the body, and the gently savory finish that lasts and lasts.

About The Producer

Philippe Kubler (his Domaine, Paul Kubler, still bears the name of his father) is an intensely passionate, incredibly talented winemaker with a top-notch resume and, most importantly, top-notch wines. Beginning with the 2004 vintage, Philippe took over his family's Domaine. Domaine Kubler is made up of only 9 hectares (about 22 acres) and the average age of the vines is over 30 years-old. He picks the grapes by hand and ages his wines in Alsatian oak foudres (big oak casks) for 8-10 months. The Kublers have been making wine here since 1620.

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