Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, so we are here to help. Take a look below to see if we have already answered your question in enough detail. If not, we will be happy to chat through email or by phone.


Which states do you ship to?

Even though we focus on shipping East of the Rockies, these states have restrictions that do not allow us to service: NH, TX, IL, & MI.

For all states West of the Rockies, shipping is $35 and for states East of the Rockies, shipping is $25. Due to supply chain and shipping increases, prices may have gone up. We suggest ordering more or less frequently to lower the overall shipping cost.


How does payment work

Your payment will be taken by one of our retail partners in your area. Once your order is packed our retail partner will charge your card prior to shipping.


Can you ship to a store for pick-up?

Yes through our retail partners, although for now, we can only offer pick-up in RI.


Is there a minimum purchase?

Mirabelle Selects is a monthly service that is renewable every month. We offer the opportunity to purchase 3, 6 or 12 bottles of any of our selects each month. The minimum purchase for shipment is 3


Can I choose when to receive my wine box?

After your first shipment, all shipments will be charged on the first of every month and your wine delivery will arrive by the 15th of every month.


Can I skip a month?

Yes, keep in mind we do offer the ability to ship your wine subscription box to another party as a gift. Or, if you are out of town skiing or seeing family, we can ship to a different address as long as we receive a 15-day notice. Please make sure someone 21+ is there to sign for the delivery



We know breaks can happen due to improper handling of shipments- or simple accidents. If you receive your wine subscription box and something is broken, contact us and we will handle it.

Since our wine varieties are limited-edition and small-batch, you may receive a different bottle of wine as a replacement.


Missing Package

If you are missing your monthly wine subscription box, contact us so we can thoroughly track the shipment and send you a replacement if needed.

Since our wine varieties are limited-edition and small-batch, you may receive a different collection of wine as a replacement.


Do I need to sign, or can I name an additional signee?

We want to make sure you receive your monthly subscription box, Our retail partners and state laws  require someone over 21 years old to show their ID to sign for the delivery. You can sign for the package, and you can also name an additional signee if needed.


Can you ship wine to Rhode Island?

Rhode Island laws prohibits out-of-state wine retailers from shipping their goods directly to consumers’ door.  Because our retail partner is located in Rhode Island, we are permitted to ship our wine directly to consumers here!


What is your return/refund policy?

We are happy to accept unopened bottles of wine up to seven days after the date of sale with proof of your original purchase.

Refunds will be processed within 24 hours of your request. Please allow up to ten business days for the refund to be reflected in your account.

Please contact: