Featured Discovery


Currently residing on Aquidneck Island, our Discovery this collection is Molly Savitzky of Birch and Bowery.

With possessing a warm caring soul, Molly was meant to not only be a nurse but also a writer. She has been writing far before she even thought about pursuing a career in helping others through nursing. She began expressing her feelings through writing as a child. As an adult, she faced her fears and her work has left the private shadows. Under her pen name Birch and Bowery, her writing encompasses difficult as well as beautiful life topics including anxiety, grief and loss, depression, self-love, romance, and more. Her work has not only comforted Molly throughout her life but now also touches all of us deep feelers.

When you have the time, take a moment to yourself. Enjoy a glass of rouge and wander off with the words  of @birchandbowery.