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Domaine le Clos des Lumieres, Côtes du Rhône (rouge) 2018

APPELLATION: Côtes du Rhône
REGION: Rhone, Southern Rhone
GRAPES: 30% Syrah, 70% Grenache

TASTING NOTES: Crafted from 70% Grenache and 30% Syrah, this bold and complex wine could benefit from a brief aeration before serving -- 15-20 minutes in the glass or a decanter will easily do, allowing it to open up and fully express itself to you. Expect an intense nose of jammy fruit, rich nutmeg, and black olives. On the palate, this wine is pleasantly round and friendly, packed full of red and black fruit flavors, such as ripe cherries, juicy raspberries, and succulent blackberries. A dash of leather and white pepper linger on the finish, embodied in plush, silky tannins. Pair this wine with a cozy movie night in and a beef stroganoff. Or, if you’re looking for a simple weeknight dinner, this is a friendly reminder that wine and cheese totally makes up a balanced meal -- pair this with a plate of Camembert, Salami, and a crusty french baguette. 

About the Producer

Located on a third-generation family farm, Domaine le Clos des Lumieres was founded in 1946 by the grandfather of the current winemaker, Gerald Serrano. Ambitious and hardworking, Gerald saw an opportunity for the family to not only farm the vines to sell to the local co-op, but to craft their own wines. Having grown up his entire life on the property, Gerald is uniquely familiar with the Domaine’s terroir and high-quality soils that give the wines their unique appeal. The oldest vines on the property are as old as 65 years, packing in quality and concentration.

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