About Our Wines

We have spent many years exploring the wine regions of France and Spain, tasting dozens of different wines to gather extensive knowledge on what makes a wine stand out from the rest.

What our personal wine journey has taught us is that to find undiscovered, jaw-dropping wine, one must venture into small-batch and family producers. The best wines are those that go directly from the grower to one’s doorstep.

The experience one can have with wine is just as important as the wine itself. That’s why we select our collection based on both the superior quality of the wine and on the type of experience it can foster.


Subtle Notes of Worldly Flavors

An aromatic experience awaits your senses. Can you hear the sound of your new wine bottle opening? Can you smell the striking scent of sweet fruit or the hint of nutty undertones? Mirabelle Selects captures the entire flavor-wheel of France & Spain.

Each delicate pour contains subtle notes of worldly flavors that transport your senses to the slate hills of Northwest Spain or the sun-drenched grape fields of classic France.

No matter if you are sipping on a Rose made from the rare Estaladina grape or a Domaine Guintrandy Les Deves, excellence is in every sip, and you’ll experience something more each time. 




Always Sustainable and Natural

It all starts in the ground. Have you ever drunk a wine that was produced with grapes sprouting from rich, healthy, limestone-clay soil? It’ll change how you enjoy wine forever.

A wine’s caliber is linked to the quality of how the wine was produced and where its ingredients were grown. All of our small family producers tend their soil with care, cultivating a lively base from which grapes may be born aplenty- ripe, juicy, and full of mother nature’s nutrients.

Each wine we carefully select is vegan-friendly, all natural, produced in a sustainable manner, and packed with the flavor of France & Spain’s nutrient-dense soil. It just feels good to drink wines in a Mirabelle Selects box.


 grapes vineyard


You Choose How to Enjoy Your Favorites

Some wines are meant for fun weekend drinks with your friends, and other wines are reserved to celebrate unforgettable moments in time.

Mirabelle Selects’ wine collection includes varieties for both, because we all need a go-to celebratory drink that makes the moment feel extraordinary and one that we don’t mind finishing in a weekend.

Our wines range from dry to sweet, crisp to smooth, and light to bold. You choose how you want to enjoy your favorite flavors. After all, wine is meant to be sipped and thoroughly experienced.


 wine glass


What makes Mirabelle Different? Craft. Culture. Community.

You thought it couldn’t get better, but it does.

On top of incredible flavors, Mirabelle Selects is 100% focused on building a community around our wines. We celebrate different cultures, ideas, and passions wholeheartedly.

Our entire mission is based on providing more than crowd-pleaser wines; we want to help you expand your taste palette along with your mind, broadening your knowledge of the world we live in.

We also honor the craft of excellent wine-making and all the hard work that goes into production- from seed to bottle. Delivering the finest-crafted wines comes first, but recognizing how culture & community play their part is a very close second.

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Courtesy of Castell d'Age